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Reactivation and integration of marginalized youth – NEET into the labour market – RIM”

The project will build the capacities of organizations gathered in the Croatian network for the homeless in partnership with the Social Work Study Center of the Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb for civil engagement of students in the local community.

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UP. “Reactivation and integration of marginalized youth – NEET into the labour market – RIM”

CERANEO – Center for the Development of Non-Profit Organizations

  • City of Zagreb
  • Croatian Employment Service – Regional Office Zagreb
  • ISUM – Institute for Professional Training of Youth

575.687,64 kn

May 14th, 2018 – July 13th, 2019

To facilitate the effective implementation of the Human Resources Development Strategy of the City of Zagreb through the development and implementation of the innovative ENTRE-YOU model for the reactivation and integration of members of the marginalized NEET population on the labour market.

The lack of effective programs for the integration of the NEET population ranks Croatia among the leading countries in terms of the number of young people in NEET status. It is a prototype of socially excluded persons for whom there is still no system of proper identification and monitoring. The goal of the project is to contribute to the reactivation and integration of NEET youth by strengthening their social and professional competencies according to the innovative “ENTRE-YOU” model. The project will strengthen the participants’ motivation and openness towards proactivity, and they will adopt the skills of entrepreneurial consideration as a pledge for integration into the labour market.

  • Project team meeting
  • Creation and printing of promotional materials
  • Initial conference
  • Analysis of the environment, strategic documents and secondary materials
  • Analysis of examples of good practice in the country and abroad
  • Organization and implementation of round tables on the subject of the NEET population
  • Methodology development and field implementation of research (focus groups, interviews)
  • Creation and presentation of a publication with the results
  • Implementation of 4 modules within the ENTRE-YOU model and schedule
  • Individual support workshops of the ENTRE-YOU model
  • Final conference

Funds from the European Union (85%), Funds from the State Budget (15%)

Iva Mrdeža, mag. soc. pol.

Neda Novosel, mag. soc. pol.

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