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Fourth psychosocial support workshops for the homeless

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On February 01, 2023, the fourth psychosocial support session for homeless people was organized with the theme “My beliefs – its not me”, and three beneficiaries attended.

The goals of this workshop were:

  • to recognize one’s own thoughts and feelings and their influence on the development of self-awareness
  • to see how images and beliefs about oneself influence behavior and action
  • get to know strategies that help to change one’s own beliefs.

This workshop aimed to encourage the participants to reflect more deeply on their own thoughts and feelings. What kind of thoughts and feelings are they most often occupied with, and to observe how these thoughts and feelings affect their attitude about themselves. As negative beliefs about themselves determine the ability to think positively and constructively for functional life activities, it was therefore important to encourage them to encourage themselves and recognize the strength they have in themselves for effective actions. By showing the correct self-image and changing personal beliefs, proactive action is encouraged. The technique of changing the point of view was used.

The project “An innovative model of social inclusion of the homeless, empowering experts and strengthening the capacity of the Croatian network for the homeless” is financed by the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy.

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