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Achievements of the organization

CERANEO was founded in 1995. From its establishment until the end of 2000, main goal was supporting development of civil society in Croatia. During that time, CERANEO has largely fulfilled its mission: building a favorable legal framework for the development of the non-profit sector, building the capacity of the sector and being the voice of the sector.

During 2001, CERANEO partially changed its mission and profiled itself as a think tank organization in the field of public policies with a special interest in the development of civil society.

CERANEO implemented projects of strategic importance for the development of civil society in Croatia:

Developed methodology for monitoring the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights in Croatia

Since 2015, an active member of the Croatian Network for the Homeless

An official translation of the ETHOS typology of homelessness and housing exclusion was made

Created a unique questionnaire for users of accommodation in shelters/overnight lodgings

Launched database on homeless people

Conducted research “How to respond to the challenges of integration and reactivation of young people in NEET status” on the basis of which CERANEO continues to provide services to young people in NEET status

Periodic publication of the Social Image of the City of Zagreb from 2012 until today

Periodic publication of the Civil Society Index for Croatia from 2004 to the present

Participation in the drafting of the Draft Law on Associations that corresponded to the standards of modern democratic countries in partnership with the Croatian Legal Center

Submitted request by which the Constitutional Court of Croatia repealed 16 provisions of the Law on Associations in partnership with the Croatian Legal Center

Daily provision of information necessary for the establishment and operation of non-profit organizations

Information point for foreign organizations, membership in CIVICUS and the Orpheus program of the European Foundation Centre

Publication of the Non-Profit Sector, Gazette for the Development of Non-Profit Organizations in Croatia, 1997-2000.

Created database of 1,200 organizations

Networking of organizations, since 1998 the organization of the Croatian Forum of Non-Profit / Non-Governmental Organizations

A directory of non-profit organizations was created in Croatian and English – 548 organizations – in 1997

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