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Expert panel held for the purpose of making publication “Civil Society Index in Croatia for 2019”

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On the 13th of January 2020 at Social Work Study Center, CERANEO organized an Expert Panel for the purpose of creating the “Sustainability Index of Civil Society Organizations in Croatia for 2019”.

The following participated in the panel:

  • Stela Fišer Marković (Office for Cooperation with NGOs)
  • Milana Romić (Office for Cooperation with NGOs)
  • Mateja Petrić (City of Zagreb)
  • Marina Škrabalo (SOLIDARNA Foundation)
  • Dragana Knezić (Rehabilitation Center for Stress and Trauma)
  • Paula Raužan (Agency for Local Democracy, Sisak)
  • Zvonko Mlinar (Croatian Network for the Homeless, Zagreb)
  • Sandra Vlašić (TERRA)
  • Gojko Bežovan (Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb/CERANEO)
  • Jelena Matančević (Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb/CERANEO)
  • Iva Mrdeža Bajs (CERANEO)
  • The panel discussion was moderated by Petra Bratoš.

The Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI) is a key analytical tool for measuring the progress of the civil sector in the Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia region. It takes into account the overall enabling environment for CSOs, focusing on 7 dimensions: legal environment, organizational capacity, financial sustainability, advocacy, service delivery, infrastructure and public image. Each dimension is evaluated according to a 7-point scale where the number 1 indicates a very advanced level and the number 7 a very low level of development. The Index was developed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in cooperation with local organizations from the countries where the Index is applied. CERANEO has been preparing the Index for Croatia for the past six years.

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