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Study trip to the Milosrđe association – an example of good work and homeless care

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On February 16, 2023, 25 students from the Social Work Study Centre, under the leadership of CERANEO, visited the association Milosrđe – Center for the Homeless with the aim of introducing our future experts to an example of good practice in work and care for the homeless in Karlovac County and beyond. The association stands out for its strong dedication to helping the homeless rejoin society through employment. The users conduct practical classes on the association’s property in addition to the contractual collaboration with the university in order to advance their knowledge and skills for their future professions and boost their ability to compete on the job market.

The students were made more aware of the problem, difficulties, and methods of working with the homeless by the realistic portrayal of it. They also felt empowered and ready for their professional activities.

Thank you to the users who shared their life stories, and we wish them luck in finding employment after completing the training program for their chosen occupations.

We appreciate the efforts of the host, the City of Karlovac, and Aquatika in enhancing the beauty and educational value of our study trip.

The project “An innovative model of social inclusion of the homeless, empowering experts and strengthening the capacity of the Croatian network for the homeless” is financed by the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy.

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