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12th national homeless meeting

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The 12th National Homeless Meeting was held in Šibenik from 9th till 11th of October 2018.

The members of the Croatian Network for the Homeless gathered again this year to mark the World Day of the Homeless, and at the reception in the City Hall, the mayor of Šibenik gave support to those gathered in Croatian Network for Homeless.

In the “Juraj Šižgorić” City Library, an exhibition of photo posters “The Hidden World of Homelessness” was opened, which will continue to travel around member of the Croatian Network for the Homeless all around Croatia. The exhibition was followed by a round table with the symbolic title “The road is not a home”, where, as an introduction, a short documentary reportage of the same title produced by CERANEO as part of the three-year program “Empowering the homeless, supporting experts and building innovative models of care for the homeless” was premiered. Project is financialy supported by the Ministry for demography, family, youth and social policy. The film follows the topic of homelessness with positive examples of cities that provide accommodation, meals and support to citizens who have fallen into the problem of homelessness.

The round table addressed the key challenges in the field of homelessness with special emphasis on innovative models of housing for the homeless and employment of the homeless. We also discussed expanding the definition of homeless according to the ETHOS typology of homelessness and housing exclusion in the context of creating the new Social Welfare Act. In conclusion, the key current and future challenges in the field of homelessness at the European Union level, but also at the national level, were discussed.

We would like to thank the hosts and organizers: Caritas Šibenik and the Croatian Network for the Homeless, and hope that the discussion on the topics covered by the National Meeting will continue in the public space.

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