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Civil Society Index in Croatia for 2020

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This year, CERANEO created the ” Index of Civil Society Organizations for Croatia” (CSOSI) for the ninth time in a row. The new report provides an overview of the state of CSOs in Croatia for the year 2020. This USAID-funded research project is a key tool for measuring the progress of the civil sector. It monitors the state and trends of civil society development in twenty-four countries over the last twenty years, taking into account the overall stimulating environment for the development of civil society, with an emphasis on: legal environment for CSOs, organizational capacity, financial sustainability, advocacy, service delivery, infrastructure and public image.

The sustainability of CSOs in Croatia did not change significantly in 2020. Financial sustainability deteriorated slightly, as it was inevitably affected by the national and global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the other hand, the public image of civil society organizations improved slightly during 2020 due to the sector’s strong and quick response to challenges during the year.

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