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Workshop on the topic of good governance

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CERANEO and the Faculty of Law in Zagreb organized an online workshop entitled “The concept of good governance in the development and implementation of policies”. The workshop was facilitated by Gojko Bežovan Ph.D. as part of the project SUSTINEO- Cooperation, participation, research and education for sustainability; activity- Development of guidelines for the development of evidence-based policies.

Through the workshop, professor Bežovan explained his view on translation of the word governance which in croatian language is translated as upravljanje – professor Bežovan suggests that the meaning of the word upravljanje is management and that the word governance should actually be translated as vladavina. In his opinion, the term governance does not mean management, but rule (vladavina) – which includes structures, processes, mechanisms and strategies that occur in the interaction between formal institutions and institutions of civil society.

In the context of the European heritage of good governance, the principles of the White Paper on European governance, the issue of trust in society and the need to develop and strengthen social capital were discussed. Finally, proposals for promoting the concept of good governance in Croatia and the possibility of implementing the translation of governance into our dictionary were discussed in order to improve the unambiguous understanding and implementation of the term.

The above will be the basis for further defining methods of social and other policies in the context of the concept of good governance.

Coordinating organization for the project SUSTINEO – Cooperation, participation, research and education for sustainability is ODRAZ- Sustainable community development. CERANEO is one of the partner organization in implementation of this project.

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